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Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin CSJ
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Pork Tenderloin

Storage, Handling and Preparation



·         Frozen:  Will keep indefinitely in original vacuum sealed package.

·         Refrigerated:  When refrigerated immediately, 3-4 days.

·         Thaw for 24-36 hours in the refrigerator before cooking.



·         Preheat oven to 350°F.

·         Place the tenderloin in a roasting pan. (optional: pour 1/3 cup of water into the pan) Cover with a foil tent and bake for 40-45 min., then uncovered for 15 min. This is just a suggestion. 


Ø  TIPS FROM THE PROS: The tenderloin's small size and leanness make it susceptible to overcooking, so an instant read thermometer is a must when cooking pork tenderloin. The National Pork Board suggests cooking to a final internal temperature of 160 degrees, which can be achieved by cooking to 155°F and removing the tenderloin from the oven to rest 10 minutes (the temperature will rise several degrees). Many chefs prefer removing the pork at 145°F or 150°F (it is perfectly safe at this temperature) and letting it rest 5 minutes. If you're put off by pink pork, use the higher figure, but 150 degrees will result in juicier pork. If you'll be reheating the meat, 145°F is preferable.