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Welcome to the Turducken Experience!

We have always said the Turducken isn't a meal...it's an experience. Well this year we have kicked up the experience a notch with our new versions of the Turducken. Our Turduckens start with a semi-boneless turkey (we leave only the wings and legs) then we fill them to overflowing with boneless duck, boneless chicken, and your choice of stuffing. The Turduckens average 14-15 lbs and provide approximately 20-25 servings (Depending on your eaters of course!). Your Turducken will arrive frozen in a vacuum sealed bag, and ready to cook or place in the freezer for future use. If you are looking to feed a smaller gathering, check out the smaller 10 lb Turduckens or the Turducken Breasts. The Breasts have approximately 7-9 servings, while the 10 lb Turduckens have approximately 15. If you need to feed 40-50 guests then take a look at the Fowl De Cochon, a.k.a The Pig Turducken. Whatever your need may be, you are sure to find answers at the home of the Turducken Experience!

Turducken Thawing and Cooking Suggestions

Turducken Frequently Asked Questions

Turducken Breast Thawing and Cooking Suggestions


Our complete line of sausages includes Cajun classics such as Andouille, traditional Pork Boudin, Crawfish Boudin and even a low-fat Chicken Andouille Sausage. We have also included Tasso which we know is not a sausage, but it does compliment many sausage dishes.

Stuffed Birds
Our whole deboned stuffed chickens and turkeys begin with a USDA-approved birds. Next our master butchers remove all bones except for the wings (and legs on the turkeys). Then we fill them to overflowing with a choice of six stuffings. We dust it with a light blend of Cajun spices, then vacuum-seal it to lock in the flavor and freshness.

Stuffed Meats
Our stuffed meats can't be beat! Boneless Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloins and much more, all filled to overflowing with your choice of stuffing.

Start your dinner the right way with several of our awesome appetizers! No Cajun meal is complete without boudin balls or any of these other great starters!

Cajun Xpress
Authentic Cajun meals and sides designed for today's busy family. From our Boil-in-Bag entrees which are ready in as little as 15 minutes to our classic sides and seafood pies, these products are designed to allow you to prepare a gourmet meal for your family with a minimum amount of effort.

Side Dishes

Soups & Gumbos
Cajun or Creole? Nothing epitomizes this age old argument better than the Great Gumbo Debate. Ask anyone which is better and you will probably get passionate arguments for both! Can't choose? Order some of each and let us know your take on the endless debate.

Cajun Essentials
Here you will find all the essentials needed to bring out the inner Cajun in all of us.

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