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About Cajun Specialty Meats, Inc.

Brothers Carl and Cory Broussard are ready to bring the unique cuisine of their native South Louisiana to your table. Raised in Maurice, Louisiana, Carl and Cory deliver the real thing –genuine Cajun cooking that’s simple to prepare and impossible to resist. After looking at our address, many of you are probably thinking.....Cajun food from Florida! Let us explain. In 1996, the brothers and their families ventured out from Bayou country and vacationed on the beautiful sandy white beaches of Northwest Florida. Well once the sand got between their toes, there was no leaving. So they put up shop in Pensacola, and have been introducing their unique, authentic brand of Cajun cuisine to the Pensacola area as well as the rest of the country ever since.

Before you browse our website, we would like to assure you that Turduckens bought on our website, or from one of our official affiliates, are Turduckens that were produced by Cajun Specialty Meats, Inc. in our USDA federally inspected plant. Recently there has been substandard Turduckens and other Cajun style specialty products appearing at major grocery stores and on the internet. There are cheaper products available, but the only way to assure Cajun Specialty Meats, Inc.'s quality, is to purchase from us or one of our certified retailers.

Enjoy your visit to our site and please come again.
Merci bien.

Cajun Specialty Meats, Inc.
690 East Heinberg St.
Pensacola, FL  32502

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